Tuesday, January 29, 2008

government policies impacting leadership...

When looking at this assignment I took it to be in relationship with government policies effecting leadership in the e-world. Government regulations appear to be limited in reference to this area. I think they only control names of sites or domains when it comes to the internet, they don't appear to be controlling too much of what internet surfers are able to do on the internet. Of course how would they be able too, there are far too many different areas that one can go to to work in the internet. I do, however, feel that as the world becomes even more and more technologically advanced government will find ways to have more policies and control over the use of the internet. Legally now I think that sites are controlled by specific owners and it wasn't until the class conference when I learned that the government doesn't really regulate the "borrowing" of music, but the individualized records labels. I know that government can certainly watch all we do, they are probably watching me type this blog right now. Yup big brother watches all we do. I think the government has begun, or has been using the internet asa way to communicate with citizens, they are more then aware that several million people have access to the internet and by far prefer email versus snail mail! Unless of course you are the winner of a million dollars, then please send me the check!!! Currently to me I feel like the government lets us explore and utilize the internet without imposing. In the future I think they'll implement "internet police" and begin making money on fines and such this way. I'm sure through organizations, the government has to have some policies in reference to the internet use, since Sarbanes and Oxley, this had to have been addresssed. Within each organization the "police" are those security IT people and they certainly do fire from organizations when the systems are being used incorrectly.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Kiva is website which allows someone to lend to entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own organization but are financially stuck. I feel this website is a little more trust worthy then Prosper. I think, but am by no way sure, that most of the lenders here were once entrepreneurs themselves and understand what it's like to be at the beginning. I think that if I were able to financially afford to help someone out, if I ever were to start an organization from the ground up this would be a great website to do so. I think that giving back once you reach your goals is a great thing and "one good deed never goes unspoken for." The borrowers of this site are all trying to give back to the communities of which they were grown or live in. I found this site intersting as the majority of the borrowers seem to be from 3rd world countries and none of them are really asking for all that much money to start the business. If you think about it the average online business asks for an initial loan of $500,000. The highest amount being asked for help with on the home page of Kiva is $1200.00. That's one months salary to some workers, or others one paycheck. I think this website is a great opportunity to help out some of the future of the world. I give this one a THUMBS up!!!


www.prosper.com is a website for the "normal Joe" to ask others for loans of different sorts. There are individuals on this site asking for loans to pay off credit card debt, to pay for a man's child's expensive medical bills, or for personal loans to help start up a business. With this being my first time looking at this time website I found it very interesting. It actually made me feel sad in a sense. I read the request for a loan by a man to help pay for his son's medical tests due to cancer. I actually teared up because it has to be very hard for someone to actually ask people they don't know to help with a sick child. Then as I thought more about this site I began to feel indifferent about the site. For myself personally I have a really diffcult time trusting others. I think that I need time to connect with someone and be sure they are really going to use the money for what they are asking. In this connection, or that connection which is truly lacking, you don't ever get to meet with the other. Are the pictures on the website even of the individuals that are requesting the money. I then have concerns because if people are saying their credit is A+ then why aren't they going through a bank. The interest rate first of all would be much lower under most circumstances a bank can work with someone to find them payments that fall within a normal range. Also with straight lending from others there's always the risk that you don't get paid back, then what happens, it obviously doesn't go to collections? I think for someone to ethically ask to borrow money from complete strangers is a hard thing to do. I feel badly if I borrow $1.00 for a soda and forget to give the money back the next day...I think that I would also have an image issue with asking complete strangers for several thousand dollars. I hate asking for help from my friends and families let alone help from others. I think the gesture of the website is great idea, I would just be very worried about lending any funds to anyone.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

online class

What an interesting night Wed. January 9, 2008 truly was. Other then working online for one previous math class I took at MCC, this was my first experience with this method of communication. The class at MCC was just completing the work, not actually communicating live throughout the sessions. Things I found interesting included the knowledge and variety of speakers who presented to us. Honestly throughout the sessions I was thinking to myself "these presenters are all very intelligent and how am I ever going to get a PhD? Am I really as smart as them and will I be able to make it?" There were a few challenges that I felt during the vitural class. The first was the issue with cutting in and out when Jeff and the other presenters were speaking. Another is, not being able to see who we were communicating with, and a third was not being able to communicate back with words. For me face to face interaction works much better. I think that through typing sometimes what someone is trying to say is taken incorrectly and not interpreted the same as if I was actually speaking with the individuals on the other end. I think that one of the difficulties I was having as a result of the delay in communication was coming up with deep questions. I process information much better if it is continous. I was having a difficult time giving all my attention and found myself asking those around me "what was the question or what are we suppossed to be doing right now?" One helpful aspect was the knowledge of leadership that was offered through the various individuals. Another helpful aspect, could be helpful, is there aren't any bias' by anyone if you can't see who you are speaking to. I was free to ask any questions which I wanted to ask and the speaker/presenter had no idea what I was like on the other end. You had to make up your own interpretations of the others. I think being able to offer this virtual class during our "Leadership in the E-world" course helps us to think more realistically about the future. I think that in the near future, within a 10-year period the majority of communication within businesses is going to be through virtual communication. All in all I think this class was very useful, entertaining, and informative. I'm very glad that I was able to be part of it.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Focused on the future

On 1/4/08 I met with my director to speak about a position at work entitled Behavioral Health Super User. Basically this position has the user learning the computer system that we use at Excellus to enter clinical information (Careplanner) better then any other on the team. As of right now I'm very familiar with the front end of the system, but know very little if anything about the back end. Here's my dilemna... My director has known and is aware that I don't want to remain in this division forever and I want to move to another position. So I don't want to screw over my director, who I do enjoy working for. I don't want her to spend alot of money and time training me and then I leave the department. On the other hand I need to look out for me. Knowing the system gives me a hand up on new positions through Excellus as I'll have more to offer to them... I guess whatever I choose to do will turn out to be the right thing to do?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

cell phone drama

okay so this is just an area for me to vent right now! I think that I was jinxed by the discussion that we had in class around driving and talking on your cell phone! I can honestly say that I rarely do it as I have a blue tooth, but on that rare occasion when i'm talking to my MOTHER about something that was shitty at work and I get pulled over the meanest state trooper ever! The trooper says to me "I pulled up to you and was looking right at you, you didn't even look over" Well of course I didn't look over idiot I was in the off ramp and avoiding rush hour traffic, I'm obviously not going to look to my left but straight ahead so noone cuts me off. So she pulls me over and says "you know why I'm pulling you over right?" I simply shrug my shoulders, as you know above I'm already p'd off about something that occurred at work and having to stay late on the day before a holiday! Now she asks for my license and registration.... I have no problems giving this too her. I reach into my glove compartment, she says, "ma'am just give me your license I don't want to get his, I'll use your license plate and look everything up!" What the hell is she asking me for my registration for then? So about 20 minutes goes by and I'm getting more and more bitter as the minutes go by and she comes back to my car window. She says "wonk, wonk, wonk, wonk, wonk, blah, blah, blah!" Well at least that's what I heard! the final statement out of her mouth to me was "So now points on your license that's good Have a Happy New Year!" What the hell, if I wasn't smart I'd have reached out that window and slapped her, but really didn't feel like going to jail that day! I can pretty much guarantee that she talks on her cell phone all the time when she's driving! How often do you see the police talking on their phones? Me, I see them ALOT! The whole time the lady has a spot light on my car blinding me, I mean come on do I look like I could hurt anyone? So when I drive away I am seeing spots cause I was "blinded by the light!" Needless to say I got a ticket for $40 with a surcharge of $50, man the county makes some money! Yup Happy New Year To ME!!!

Leadership in the E-World

Hhhmm leadership in the e-world.... What limits if any are set for leadership in the e-world? I think that the limits are endless and if someone truly wants to control their sites they need to set some type of control. Leadership seems to be open ended, however with technology continuing at the pace it has been going at leadership will continue to grow in the e-world. Look at what we are doing in the class alone, not only are we learning where technology is heading, but finding ways to be a positive, good leader using the e-world. It's funny to think about those large companies, Google, is a classic example and to hear and watch the type of leadership they have. Not only do the leaders seek input from the employees, but leadership does not appear to be top down. It is encouraged at all different levels, better yet strived for at all different levels. This organization is one that is sought after by many employees, not only does it appear fun to work for, but also you have the opportunities to experience technology at it's finest points and to become your own leader. Leadership in the e-world helps you to expand not only your knowledge of any ever fast growing industry, but too it helps to better understand those who are working below you as you have to have them look as the site and seek explanations or to note issues when not understanding. Leadership at this level, for me at least, I think is much more individualized as you have to make your own goals and have to believe that others want to enter the e-world as much as you do. The classes which we have taken to complete our Master's Degree Program has helped us to use the internet and become our own leaders of our future! 10 years ago when I was in school, never would I have considered taking a class online, too complicated, now it's the next best thing! The major element or key to leadership in the E-world for myself is the options to be self leaders and setting and obtaining your own set of goals. Making and meeting something attainable not only for yourself, but also for those that might be your followers!