Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Leadership in the E-World

Hhhmm leadership in the e-world.... What limits if any are set for leadership in the e-world? I think that the limits are endless and if someone truly wants to control their sites they need to set some type of control. Leadership seems to be open ended, however with technology continuing at the pace it has been going at leadership will continue to grow in the e-world. Look at what we are doing in the class alone, not only are we learning where technology is heading, but finding ways to be a positive, good leader using the e-world. It's funny to think about those large companies, Google, is a classic example and to hear and watch the type of leadership they have. Not only do the leaders seek input from the employees, but leadership does not appear to be top down. It is encouraged at all different levels, better yet strived for at all different levels. This organization is one that is sought after by many employees, not only does it appear fun to work for, but also you have the opportunities to experience technology at it's finest points and to become your own leader. Leadership in the e-world helps you to expand not only your knowledge of any ever fast growing industry, but too it helps to better understand those who are working below you as you have to have them look as the site and seek explanations or to note issues when not understanding. Leadership at this level, for me at least, I think is much more individualized as you have to make your own goals and have to believe that others want to enter the e-world as much as you do. The classes which we have taken to complete our Master's Degree Program has helped us to use the internet and become our own leaders of our future! 10 years ago when I was in school, never would I have considered taking a class online, too complicated, now it's the next best thing! The major element or key to leadership in the E-world for myself is the options to be self leaders and setting and obtaining your own set of goals. Making and meeting something attainable not only for yourself, but also for those that might be your followers!

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