Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kiva is website which allows someone to lend to entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own organization but are financially stuck. I feel this website is a little more trust worthy then Prosper. I think, but am by no way sure, that most of the lenders here were once entrepreneurs themselves and understand what it's like to be at the beginning. I think that if I were able to financially afford to help someone out, if I ever were to start an organization from the ground up this would be a great website to do so. I think that giving back once you reach your goals is a great thing and "one good deed never goes unspoken for." The borrowers of this site are all trying to give back to the communities of which they were grown or live in. I found this site intersting as the majority of the borrowers seem to be from 3rd world countries and none of them are really asking for all that much money to start the business. If you think about it the average online business asks for an initial loan of $500,000. The highest amount being asked for help with on the home page of Kiva is $1200.00. That's one months salary to some workers, or others one paycheck. I think this website is a great opportunity to help out some of the future of the world. I give this one a THUMBS up!!!


Jeffrey said...

Good thoughts!
I was interested that you liked it more than prosper. You blogging skills are good! Keep up the great work!

charlie said...

It's Kiva.ORG, but Kiva .COM will redirect you to the site. My wife and I have been Kiva-ers for years... it's a good thing.