Wednesday, January 2, 2008

cell phone drama

okay so this is just an area for me to vent right now! I think that I was jinxed by the discussion that we had in class around driving and talking on your cell phone! I can honestly say that I rarely do it as I have a blue tooth, but on that rare occasion when i'm talking to my MOTHER about something that was shitty at work and I get pulled over the meanest state trooper ever! The trooper says to me "I pulled up to you and was looking right at you, you didn't even look over" Well of course I didn't look over idiot I was in the off ramp and avoiding rush hour traffic, I'm obviously not going to look to my left but straight ahead so noone cuts me off. So she pulls me over and says "you know why I'm pulling you over right?" I simply shrug my shoulders, as you know above I'm already p'd off about something that occurred at work and having to stay late on the day before a holiday! Now she asks for my license and registration.... I have no problems giving this too her. I reach into my glove compartment, she says, "ma'am just give me your license I don't want to get his, I'll use your license plate and look everything up!" What the hell is she asking me for my registration for then? So about 20 minutes goes by and I'm getting more and more bitter as the minutes go by and she comes back to my car window. She says "wonk, wonk, wonk, wonk, wonk, blah, blah, blah!" Well at least that's what I heard! the final statement out of her mouth to me was "So now points on your license that's good Have a Happy New Year!" What the hell, if I wasn't smart I'd have reached out that window and slapped her, but really didn't feel like going to jail that day! I can pretty much guarantee that she talks on her cell phone all the time when she's driving! How often do you see the police talking on their phones? Me, I see them ALOT! The whole time the lady has a spot light on my car blinding me, I mean come on do I look like I could hurt anyone? So when I drive away I am seeing spots cause I was "blinded by the light!" Needless to say I got a ticket for $40 with a surcharge of $50, man the county makes some money! Yup Happy New Year To ME!!!

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