Tuesday, January 29, 2008

government policies impacting leadership...

When looking at this assignment I took it to be in relationship with government policies effecting leadership in the e-world. Government regulations appear to be limited in reference to this area. I think they only control names of sites or domains when it comes to the internet, they don't appear to be controlling too much of what internet surfers are able to do on the internet. Of course how would they be able too, there are far too many different areas that one can go to to work in the internet. I do, however, feel that as the world becomes even more and more technologically advanced government will find ways to have more policies and control over the use of the internet. Legally now I think that sites are controlled by specific owners and it wasn't until the class conference when I learned that the government doesn't really regulate the "borrowing" of music, but the individualized records labels. I know that government can certainly watch all we do, they are probably watching me type this blog right now. Yup big brother watches all we do. I think the government has begun, or has been using the internet asa way to communicate with citizens, they are more then aware that several million people have access to the internet and by far prefer email versus snail mail! Unless of course you are the winner of a million dollars, then please send me the check!!! Currently to me I feel like the government lets us explore and utilize the internet without imposing. In the future I think they'll implement "internet police" and begin making money on fines and such this way. I'm sure through organizations, the government has to have some policies in reference to the internet use, since Sarbanes and Oxley, this had to have been addresssed. Within each organization the "police" are those security IT people and they certainly do fire from organizations when the systems are being used incorrectly.

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