Monday, January 7, 2008

Focused on the future

On 1/4/08 I met with my director to speak about a position at work entitled Behavioral Health Super User. Basically this position has the user learning the computer system that we use at Excellus to enter clinical information (Careplanner) better then any other on the team. As of right now I'm very familiar with the front end of the system, but know very little if anything about the back end. Here's my dilemna... My director has known and is aware that I don't want to remain in this division forever and I want to move to another position. So I don't want to screw over my director, who I do enjoy working for. I don't want her to spend alot of money and time training me and then I leave the department. On the other hand I need to look out for me. Knowing the system gives me a hand up on new positions through Excellus as I'll have more to offer to them... I guess whatever I choose to do will turn out to be the right thing to do?

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Jacquie24 said...

Do the training. It is continous learning, no matter if you leave it is knowledge you will have and may use again.